The Village of Glen Ellyn and the DuPage County Forest Preserve District are under agreement to repurpose the McKee House. It is anticipated that The Native American Cultural & Environmental Center at Churchill Woods Forest Preserve will open in late 2024. In order to meet this goal, $4 million must be raised.

We need your help!

mckee house with roof repairs
The repair, remediation, and repurposing the McKee House will be done in seven key phases:
Phase 1
Eliminate water ingress.

As of October, 2021 the roof has been modified to prevent further water damage. The process has begun toward installing a new roof in the next phase.

Phase 2
A New Roof
Replace roof.
Fixing a slate roof

A new roof, in keeping with the current style and construction, will be installed.

Phase 3
Remediate lead paint, asbestos and mold

Asbestos, lead-based paint and mold pose a significant health hazard and will be removed with an emphasis on safety, cost effective procedures.

Phase 4
Bring utilities up to code requirements.
Repair utilities

We will repair and upgrade the electrical and gas utilities to meet the needs of a public building and museum.

Phase 5
New plumbing.
Restore plumbing.

New plumbing will be installed throughout the facility.

Phase 6
The stone exteriors will be restored.
Restore main building and outbuilding exteriors

Special care will be taken to restore and preserve the unique stone structure and look of the existing facade.

Phase 7
A new use...
Redesign and repurpose interior

The building's interior will be redesigned with careful consideration given to its use as a museum with impactful exhibits.